Is LED Teeth Whitening Safe To Use?

    LED Teeth Whitening Kits Safety

    A person’s smile is usually the first thing you see about them. A smile is what lets you know if someone is happy, joyful or delighted. But sadly, many people don’t like to smile because they’re ashamed of their discolored or yellow teeth. Instead of showing off their pearly whites, they can’t let their true happiness shine because of stained teeth.

    Although they brush their teeth regularly, they can still have discolored teeth due to drinking too many dark colored drinks like coffee, wine, tea or soda. Or maybe, they use tobacco products that cause their teeth to become yellow over time.

    But, thankfully, all that can change thanks to teeth whitening kits! While you can go to a dentist to get them whitened professionally, teeth whitening kits are convenient because you can get whiter teeth in the comforts of your own home. Teeth whitening is a procedure that involves a chemical agent that’s applied to your teeth to remove discolorations and stains, making them appear brighter.  

    While there are many different types of home teeth whitening kits to choose from, some utilize the power of LED lighting to help you get the desired pearly whites you’ve been wanting. LED is a new technology that can really enhance your teeth whitening experience.

    What Are The Benefits Of LED Teeth Whitening Lights?

    Teeth whitening kits with LED (light emitting diode) lights only accelerate the whole process, allowing the teeth whitening gel to work faster than if used on its own. The device will release light when an electrical current is near. Although the light can be red, blue-violet or any other color on the visible light spectrum, many LED teeth whitening kits use blue lights.

    A kit usually contains a bleaching gel (usually in lower concentrations of the sort of substance that a dentist offers), applicators, mouth trays and LED light to use over a few days. The light acts as a catalyst for the whitening gel, allowing it work faster than other whitening methods like strips or just tooth paste. Another benefit is that LED light is very efficient, even after it has been used for several hours. And, there’s no warm up period so you can use it as soon as you turn it on since the light is always at its highest intensity! As soon as you turn it on, you can applied the LED light to your teeth and let it work its magic on your teeth!

    Although it sounds like expensive technology, LED teeth whitening kits aren’t expensive. There are many affordable LED teeth whitening kits on the market, which is why so many people are now using them to brighten their smile and fix their discolored teeth.

    Is The Teeth Whitening LED Light Safe?

    Many wonder if the LED light in the whitening kit is safe to use and the answer is yes. Since LED light is totally visible, it will not cause any ionizing radiation that can cause harm. So you can whiten your teeth as many times as you’d like without having to worry about any cell mutations or other harmful side effects.

    But not only is the blue LED light totally safe, but it also provides antibacterial properties for your teeth. There have been many studies on LED blue light and teeth whitening, which have found that the light kills off bacteria that can cause tartar and plaque build up on your teeth. So using an LED teeth whitening system won’t just brighten your smile, but it’ll also help reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease and lots of other dental health issues. So don’t be afraid of LED teeth whitening kits because they’re 100% safe (they’ve been FDA approved, too), and provide other benefits for your pearly whites!

    But it’s good to note that while the LED light is safe, the bleaching agent might not be. Many of these kits often use toxic bleaching agents for the whitening gel, which can be harmful to your oral health. But there are some kits that use natural ingredients in their gels, making their LED whitening kits safe and effective. Your Smile is one such kit, which is why many love it!

    Why Should You Choose Your Smile’s LED Teeth Whitening Kit ?

    For those that want a professional at-home teeth whitening kit without any harmful toxins or bleaching agent comes a totally new kit that’s affordable and effective! Your Smile’s teeth whitening kit is designed with an advanced LED light that combines with our professional whitening gel. When using both, you get the best teeth whitening results possible and can lighten your teeth by up to eight shades!

    But the best part about our kit is the fact that our active ingredients in our whitening gel contain natural extracts from plants that make the whitening process 100% safe You can whiten your teeth in just 10 minutes a day. Ingredients include: carbamide peroxide, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract, pomegranate seed extract, deionized water, propylene glycol and essence of mint for an amazing taste!

    The teeth whitening kit is FDA approved and actually recommended by dentists. You won’t feel any sensitivity after use and the entire process is super easy to complete. We never test on animals, use vegan ingredients, and even donate a percentage of each sale to families and children that can’t afford dental care across the planet. But the best part has to be its affordable price and its ease of use. Just fill the mouth tray with the gel, insert the LED light with the mouth tray into your mouth and then press the power on to start whitening your teeth. The light will turn off and start to beep in 10-minute intervals to keep track of your sessions.

    So don’t let the fear of LED lights stop you from getting brighter, whiter teeth you crave and invest in Your Smile’s LED teeth whitening kit!

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